What is Mental Illness

what is mental illness

Most mental illnesses are a bodily illness just like any other physical disorder. In this case the brain fails to produce or regulate the chemicals that are responsible for our moods and behavior. Similar to Diabetes where the pancreas doesn't regulate the insulin.

What are the Causes

what are the causes

Many disagree over genetics vs environment, I believe it can be either or, or both. Studies have shown that environmental stress can change our DNA which will causes certain genes to turn on and others off; thus creating a propensity for one of the disorders.

Mental Illness is Very Treatable

mental illness is very treatable

Mental Illness is very treatable and some patients will notice an effect on their symptoms in hours or days, depending on the disorder and medication. Unfortunately the stigma of mental illness often keeps patients from seeking help for years.

My Observations

My observations

I have been in practice since 1997, I was trained in one of the top residency programs in the country, and have worked for the state with the severely ill. I have acquired a great deal of discernment that can be acquired through clinical experience and time...

Articles and Research

Articles and research

I keep abreast of the latest research into that involve new discoveries for the causes and treatments for mental illness. You will find some of these articles fascinating with regards to the promises of finding a cure in the future for many of these disorders.

Seek Professional Help

seek professional help

Studies have shown that nearly half of all people with a mental illness will postpone seeking professional help for up to 10 years. One of my goals is to destigmatize these disorders and educate the public about the physiological basis of mental illness.